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Is it too soon to make plans for next year?  There are good plans (like writing and submitting work) and plans for things that I know must come, the saddest of all which I do not want to explore here at the moment.  Some plans have to be put off for now, but they hover in the distance like a storm cloud we can’t tell which way its going.  These are the thoughts I had while holding a 16-month planner while browsing at the bookstore.  “Words To Live By,” featuring the box designs called Primitives By Kathy.  As I held the book, my Inner asked “What’s to come? What’s to come by my own hand and by all those things outside of my control?  And what are all those things within my control that I can note in this planner, set goals, make things happen?”  I put the book down (as is my habit when confronted with anything I have to get deep with, but I’m learning to overturn that habit quicker.) I went back to the planner for another glance at the pages, interested to see that the New moon and Full moon are still an important part of our dates and planning.

So the house is quiet now. The menfolk are down for the night.  My office is trashed because I did not put any effort here today, and my Inner is muttering about the mess.  I think I’m going to be up for a while…

Today’s reading haul:  “The Sun” and “Harper’s” magazine.