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Notes from the desk of Indigo Vales:   The business cards are here. (Notice that sentence not written in italics, all caps, ending without exclamation?)  I watched their progress as they made their way across the country, leaping from post office to post office, to finally here in my fingers. They’re shiny smooth and blue, quite pretty.  But the print was much bigger on the screen, and I have to squint to read the address.  It appears I am going to need make the typeface bigger and re-order them.  BUMMER!

No writing to speak of lately, but the clock says there is still time to make progress before heading out to the “day job.” As I tried to drift off last night, Darwin explained some things about the moon to Volusia, so I am looking forward to writing that (scene? dialogue?)  I was afraid I would forget as I usually do when ideas come during the night, but this one stuck. (Along with some disturbing dreams which I have no interest in trying to decipher.)

Goals:  Write To-Do list, work on story, try not to get distracted.

Thoughts for the day: If your boat is leaky and you’ve been reading your charts upside down, who’s fault is that?  How long you gonna stand there, ankle-deep in it trying to figure out which way you’re gonna go?

The other thought is this: Keep the promise to your story.