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Somehow, I can manage to think now. I can look for truth, allow it in.  Somehow, now, I can look forward and know it’s ok to be afraid.  And today I wrote. I finished the story of Bonewitch and I am very happy with the way it came out.  Tonight I discovered that every thing I write won’t be the last thing I write. There’s more, there will be plenty more to come if I keep at it.  If I can open my heart/mind/soul and let beauty, peace, and joy come in.

This morning I had the idea that I will do something I fear because I am ready for it now. Well, I am open to the idea of it, and ready to consider the fear and what it means to me.  I am ready to leave sight of land. I want to sail East, away from here, instead of South alongside land.

Today I decided not to wait for someone to ask me things. I will be the hunter instead, and perhaps I will fail. I’ll get a negatory and will have to move on, and that is just fine with me. It’s better than waiting and not knowing. I’m tired of waiting and not knowing.

The mappa says “Here there be dragons.” This morning I recognized I am afraid to swim with them because they will eat me, but now I am ready to consider that fear and write about them. How else can I join them in their weightless wonder?  164726__storm-in-the-sea_p