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Good morning.  I sleep better after he leaves for work, so I returned to sweet (illicit) dreams, but then awoke to remembering what today is.  And my exhausted son overslept, but he got himself out the door.   The morning began a little sideways, but perhaps today is the right day to feel sideways. Tilted. On unfirm footing.

Nothing is certain right now, for me anyway, and my Jyotish horoscope certainly agrees with how this feels.   You might say, “What? Oh come on, you don’t believe that crap do you?” And I will say “Yes. I do believe that the carbon-based units (thank you Star Trek) on this planet are influenced by our genes, our ancestors, our birth order, and where this planet is in relation to the rest of the Universe. We are certainly influenced by things outside our control, and I look at horoscopes with interest, but not for hard and fast truths. Sometimes it coincides with my life, sometimes not. In the end, it’s all up to me.”

This September day is overcast.  The sky is not turquoise like it was on that day, fourteen years ago. I remember walking outside to see if there were any planes flying at all, after I heard the news.  We might get more rain today. I sure would like to stay home and write in the pouring rain, but I will probably be at the store slinging auto parts when the rain falls. I shooed away the wee temptation to skip work and stay home to write, but I am closing the store tonight and that means be there, or else.

I am tempted to clean out my closet and office because it will be productive, and yet have nothing to do with writing. I come up with all kinds of things to take me off track and it’s an illness many creatives suffer.  I recognize it, name it, and now I will put a stop to it by saying I have a writing goal for next week, September 22nd, to submit both pieces of recent flash fiction.  I’ve already dealt with a tardy teenager, read the news, journaled, and stated a goal.  And now, we’re off.

Face the morning. Breathe. Reflect. Love. Seek the horizon.

9/14 update:  Submitted piece today.  Yay!