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My debt to society was paid the moment my eyes fluttered open, took a deep breath, stretched, and said “I am forgiven.”  I arise leave the warm bed behind and the sins and stains of a lifetime there. I shower, scrub the hours of hate and jealousy from the body as she is, watch a lifetime run down the drain and the best part? I’m keeping the best parts, right here, with me.

I forgive myself for being imperfect. I will always be imperfect, and I do not forsee myself becoming a beacon of greatness for all to follow. I do forsee that I will keep breathing.  And walking. And reading. Listening. Writing.  And today I forgive myself for not doing all of the above hard enough, long enough, with enough truth, trust, and passion.

The world is not black and white, and I can’t always get what I want: a quiet space to think, to listen, to read, and write. Sometimes I have to surrender my time and space to the needs of the outer world. And there’s no halfway for this anymore.  All in, baby girl, otherwise, I’m missing out on the things I need to fill in the words.

Arise Awake Be Grateful  Go Create