Indigo Vales took a rowboat and headed for the Atlantic.  The boat was filled to capsizing, just way too much stuff stuffed in there.  Without the aid of technology, she wouldn’t have made it to a marina sheltered in a little spot near Norfolk, Virginia.

Technology has been hard to track down around these parts, as in reliable WiFi connection.  What hopes I brought with me did get kicked around a little bit. I must say, my lack of good perspective and choosing to let myself get down doesn’t help anything at all but I suppose it’s to be expected. Weathering a bit of rain is normal in any transition.

I’ve had help and encouragement from expected and unexpected places. My gratitude is reawakened, a sense of purpose renewed.

I wore winter boots and walked across little dunes covered by an inch of snow. I’ve never seen snow on the sand before. I must have looked like some kind of dork, taking pictures of piddling waves touching snowflakes that rest on their sandy cousins.  It’s been so cold, thrice so, with the wind.  One assumes the sun will always be present on the beach, just like we forget you can freeze to death in the desert.

So the question I have for myself today is, “Did I bring the right tools for this job? Did I bring what it takes to thrive and create?” So far, the answer is shaky. Questionable.  But I got some light in a box, encouraging words from a friend, and I think I’m going to have better answers soon.

My new desk is a black padded card table and nicely padded wooden folding chair. There are photos of people I love, a rose my son made. It rests in the lap of an earth mother statue, a goddess, one whose arms create a circle.

Time to create a circle of love instead of driving this boat around in the same old tired circles.