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The dream began in an industrial building, many floors, everyone uses the center of the building as a “thruway” between one street and another.  The building is dark, dusty, fairly empty, and the only light comes from outside.  I am naked. I am trying to cover myself with my hands as I run or sneak through this building, trying to get to another part of the street. There is something on the other side I have to accomplish maybe, but I am not sure what.  I am outside on the street now. Old bricks, rounded, cobbles, low light, couples or groups everywhere laughing and enjoying themselves.  It feels like a movie set I might have seen at Orlando Studios where real life blends with the movies.  It adds to the unreality of the dream.  I stumble and sneak through a building that is a multi-level bar and hotel. Despite my urgency and situation, I notice how beautiful the rooms are, the low lighting, decorations.   People are watching TV screens and drinking, totally unaware I am among them naked, and I am relieved.  I pass through the building, come out the other side.  There is what looks like a Halloween scene that young people would pass through for fun, where manikins and papier mache decorations shaped like green glow in the dark demons, skeletons, and large-bodied creatures like hippos rise up out of the mud, slowly, jerky, and I have to walk through their mud and on top of their bodies to get away, to get to this place I need to be, and I do so without hesitation but I am afraid because it all feels too real.   They rise up silently, muddy, scary, and I see a discarded blanket of some sort against a wall, a kind of basic quilted blanket a mover would use to cover furniture. It is old and muddy, but I take it and wrap myself in it, and now I move faster through this graveyard of fake creatures that still frighten me.  Damp side streets, glistening, I look at the skyline, trying to find the building I was once in, trying to make my way back to it so I could cross through again, but it’s nowhere to be found.  Now there are two giant wolves following me. The black one is at my right side and he bites my right hand and wrist, biting, gnawing, and I try to shoo him away but he will not let go.  There is a white wolf just behind my right leg and she is along for the ride, not interested in me but just accompanying the black.  He keeps biting me and I keep half-running down the streets trying to find my way back.

At last I find buses that are lined up waiting to take people wherever.  The wolves are gone.  I get on a bus, noting they have the flat-faced windshield, headlights, and front of the buses I used to ride when I grew up in the city.  I climbed on. The driver was a very young man in a pressed white shirt, bow-tie, and slacks. He was way too enthusiastic talking about the ride to wherever, then he took his seat.  The bus began to move and two people took the front stage of the bus.  (The bus had a few seats, and most of the front was reserved for the performers platform up front.)  The man was elderly, dirty, and began to whittle a 3-foot log.  The woman next to him was elderly, overweight, wearing a dirty tank top and shorts, no shoes, and did not care that her saucer-sized nipples were on full view to the whole world. She lifted up a fiddle and began to play while her compatriot whittled and I wondered where this bus would take me.  It drove on modern highways with modern signs, and that was the end of the dream.