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I don’t like to be pigeonholed or slapped with some final label that “defines”me.  I am of a mixed mindset, philosophy, and that is right and good.  Maybe some people can carry a sign for just one “thing” at a rally but my sign is too big for the Goodyear blimp, a CNN chryon, or just about anything else. At this point, my sign will eeeee-clipse Mount Rushmore.  How can I carry that complicated thing? So I blog and hope my body will suffice.

Why does my sign have to be an 8″ x 10″ on soft paper?  Yes, the world can change on a small piece of soft paper like our wonderful Constitution, but the voice, need, desire, and the right of revolution because the world changes deserves a voice that breaks mountains! Some folks say the media is stoking a racial divide, or there is a shadowy faction that wants to control the world first by stoking a race war, taking guns away, and who knows what else.  Suddenly women want too much, including not wanting to be pregnant for whatever reason.  My country wants to live in the past, the past of biblical, conservative “democracy”, and it’s so hard for me to realize that we all have to make room for each other but nobody wants to.   Tonight I want the pro-lifers and the pro-choicers to make room for each other.  I want to see two people who love each other so much to make a union, and raise children in a home filled with love, but I want there to be a place for people who don’t see it that way to have a voice, too. I want the gun owners to know we’re not trying to take all the guns away, but damn, man, whatchoo need that overflowing magazine for, unless you’re in a double war zone? I don’t need you to justify to me your beliefs, but what I really want is for you to make space for mine, because it’s my right. I want women to be paid equally, I want black and brown people to not be profiled, and I want us to figure out how to fix our criminal justice system. How is that unAmerican and wrong?

What the hell is America if we can’t be a place where we aren’t all singing the same song?  What the hell are we about if we can’t stand up for each other’s values or take a knee when we disagree?  Why the hell can’t we disagree but still get along?  Respect each other’s views, be a land of discourse instead of blame?  You don’t want to marry a woman, fine. You don’t want an abortion, fine.  You believe government should be smaller and not be so concerned with world politics, fine.  But what about the rest of us who don’t agree with your view?  Why can’t you make room for us?  Will your whole world only be right and at peace because your government looks like your bible?  Or maybe the fear that the whole world will collapse because you held on to your beliefs while letting others live their own lives?    What about the rest of us who would like to live in harmony with you?  It’s only a “war” if you label and market and perpetuate it so.  What about the freedom of discourse?  I guess unless it doesn’t provide a sexy soundbite and break down the facts it’s just better off ignored, life is just all right? Meme ain’t democracy, babes, but I respect the hell out of your right to express it.  I only wish we’d only get on the same fact page.

I hope that someday we can all get over this whole religious/government order thing and just figure out that this whole world is right small, and how lucky we are to have clean water to drink.   We’ve only got limited water and air and we’ve got to share it.  Our views don’t have to agree with yours, but can’t you just live with the fact that the whole world doesn’t have to agree with and live by your mores? Is there no space in your world for people who don’t agree with you?

I will march to DC in January not because I hate men or life or the Electoral College. I will march not because I want to create divide between black, brown, and white, male and female or because I hate babies.   I will not march because I hate all guns and their owners.  I will march because of EVERYTHING.  For all my beliefs, for the right, the sacred right we have to even march and stand for what we believe.  I will march because I believe in an America that has different beliefs that should be protected, and does not stamp out the opposition based on religion. I will march because I am a woman with beliefs who look different from yours, asking that you make space for mine. I will march because we’ve only got one tiny world and we have to get along in it.

Thank you for listening.