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Unsolicited thoughts on politics, peace, and burnout:
I’ve been voting since Reagan. I’ve been complaining and fearful since George W. Bush. I liked Obama but didn’t pay close enough attention to his administration because it seemed pretty innocuous. I didn’t get hands-on involved in politics until the Women’s March on Washington.
Now I am paying close attention to political voices, on all fronts, because I would like the world to be a better place based on facts and truth, not memes, rumors, and disinformation. The world could be a better place if I stand up for it.
I asked myself tonight where was I all these years when it mattered? Why didn’t I speak up back then instead of just whining in a journal? Myself answered, “I was busy working, being a wife, a mother, and being stressed out and not handling anything maturely.” Opinions without action are just opinions.
Today I would like to tell women and men that it’s okay we never did anything before, beyond griping at the Thanksgiving table with relatives. I’d like to recognize you, that you are going to school, or working, or taking care of yourself and maybe a family. You’ve got priorities and I respect those. Today I would like to ask women and men, if they feel passionate about something, please find a way, no matter how small, to make your voice heard. I marched for a boatload of personal reasons. Today I am asking people to look inside, find one issue that matters most to them, and speak out where they will be heard. Call, write a postcard, or visit your representatives with your concern. Believe me, it makes a difference. Please don’t lose heart and burn out because it all feels insurmountable. (I’m writing about it because I get burned out so easily.) The current president said, in his inaugural speech, “January 20th 2017, will be remembered as the day the people became the rulers of this nation again.” I would like to remind you that we, the people, have always been the rulers of this nation. This is nothing new. Your voice matters, and it will be heard. Take heart.
Find your passion. Focus your voice. Stay strong, get heard, and please do so peacefully.