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In the midst of all this political crap, some folks take a breath and say, “Hey. Let’s just have some fun.”  Sometimes it’s a walk up to the convenient store under a clear but distant sun, huddled in our hoodies. Maybe it’s a jaunt to the mall for a birthday gift, or a just an hour on the beach where we can vent and let the breeze take it all away.

Social media plays a part in seriousness and fun, and often comes along with a “copy paste this if you love/hate/believe” list which I ignore for the most part. Recently a co-worker posted a very basic “get to know you” questionnaire.  It was light, fun, and I decided to participate.  The responses were fascinating and thought provoking.  I notice only women answered even though the questions were gender-neutral like “Can you drive stick, how many tattoos, how many piercings, have you ever rode in an ambulance, have you seen a UFO, a ghost. Grandkids? Drive a boat? Visited Florida?” The thing I found most telling were the answers to two questions: Have you ever watched someone give birth, and have you ever watched someone die?  Everyone saw someone one dying, and no one watched someone give birth.

Wow.  Wow. What does that mean?  What does that say about us as women, as humans?  Let me go back.  The “questionnaire” was a fun, genderless piece. I only saw female responses.  And all the females saw death but not birth.  Okay, so the questionnaire was an enth, a millienth, on the scale of humans who participate on social media. Perhaps I shouldn’t read too much into it.  But perhaps I should.  Where the hell’s my paddle?!