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I’ve heard it said or implied so many times. “You’re not (this or that) so your opinion doesn’t matter,” and they try to shut down a line of communication.  The gap between listening and speaking is widening, and I wonder if it’s too far gone to mend. I hope not.

“You’re NOT….

an American citizen

a football fan

a military spouse or veteran

a black mother

the spouse of a cop killed on duty

a gun owner


a Jew

a woman


a man


a Muslim

a terminal patient

a widow”

So, unless I am one of those, or until I become one, it’s better I don’t waste any time thinking about it? I’ll just stand here, nodding or smiling in silence, obedient, because I’ve got no skin in the game?  I may not have had your experience, I will never claim to know what you’re going through. But at least give me a chance to ask, a chance to let you explain, a chance to tell you what I think about that and see if we can make things better somehow. How else can we share this world unless we put aside our pre-existing conditions, ask a patient in, that one of another faith, sex, and skin color, say come in, come share my world. Show me yours. Let’s heal together.  And we can disagree together, too.”

I guess it’s just easier to say “You don’t know how it feels to be me,” that old Tom Petty tune, and walk away.