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I stalk

like an old lady

black t-shirt sweatpants thing

but you don’t notice me

sitting in the marble lobby waiting


I bring you my offering

Pieces parts

Hope in a bag


The kind that chokes turtles and whales

that somehow carries a can you help me

I am strong

with purpose

Solve my problem

Like an astronaut drifting without hope

rescue me, we planned for this

didn’t we?

His last words to me

I locked them in

I love you more

eidetic sunset, sunrise

I’m here always, but you are gone.

I don’t want to lose the last of you

the best of you

this is my Graumans’ you

I carry on in a crinkly brown bag

like elder ladies do

hand to pigeon

I love you

I miss you

And that’s okay.

— Kenny’s kid