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I sneak downstairs to dispose my trash in purple twilight
before the morning rush
before the sun is too bright
and I am stunned by what lay on the damp asphalt
two perfect black shoes, velvet
abandoned before the belching dumpster

I stopped short and wondered
could someone bring chalk and make this an invisible
crime scene
for a woman lay here and all that remains are her perfect black shoes

When I returned from inspecting potatoes in an empty grocery store
I discovered the shoes upright, side by side
pretty as the day they came from the shoe store.

On my midday inspection of the balcony, I saw a man carrying
a pair of perfect black velvet shoes.
Halloo there I hailed.
I inquired.
He replied, they are perfect size for his wife,
they just need a little dusting…

Seaman, you of all should know better than to bring
discarded clothing into your life?