My body wakes, says “You’re up.” So that’s it. I’m up.
No matter that it’s 4:30, there is no way back to sleep.
I use the bathroom and hope I’m not disturbing anyone
with the running water.
I catwalk hoping no-one downstairs hears.
All the windows are open. It is dark.
Robins are hunting and calling. House sparrows are insane.
The bird noise is amazing this time of night/morn.
It will only get louder as the sun grows.
A beautiful mallard approached, scanned, and sat
proudly on the rooftop across the way, silent.
I think we know we see each other.
I love his proud neck and poise.
No mallard ever attacked me as I tried to claim
the junk mail at the mailbox. We cool.
A baby squirrel crouches on a pruned limb,
not sure what to make of me as I speak softly, baby talk
telling him it’s ok.
A mockingbird takes command of the garage roof
where squirrel and I are talking, sergeant stripes on display.
He puts a dent in my morning.
Neighbors hustle to their cars, hair still wet.
Tony’s car has a flat tire. So many flat tires
here that no-one can afford to replace.
I light a candle and it reminds me of strawberries.
I like the bright scent today.
The sun will heat the house and the fan will run all day
while I look at everything I need to do and decide
to do
except pick up the bolt
that fell out of my chair
that I have been ignoring.