Poetry & Flash Fiction

Kristine E. Shmenco is a writer of poetry and short (really short) fiction.  Her work has been published in the mind-altering Emanations anthologies edited by  Carter Kaplan, which can be found here at, you guessed it, Amazon.  Her microfiction can also be found in the anthology 6S: The Mysterious Dr. Ramsey.  She has the pleasure to say her first printed short story and poems landed in the privately-published magazine Prototype X.  

Currently she blogs from a silent apartment somewhere in Virginia, chewing on stories and poems that come from Queens, New York; Norfolk, Prescott, Omaha, Montgomery, Tualatin, Gatlinburg, Cape Charles, Blowing Rock, Disneyland, the Hudson river, and quite a few places in between.  She hopes to discover that writing and living are not mutually exclusive.