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On the way out to my car I met a man who works in my building.  Typically we smile or nod or wave a little hello but have never exchanged as much as a word.  This afternoon as I’m locking my door, I nod and said, “How’s it going?”

“What the hell’s going on?” he said which startled me a little. I started to ask if he was okay, but then he filled in the rest. “This crazy guy is a president now, and I just don’t know what’s going to happen!”  He was very sincere in his concern, and I felt him, oh boy did I feel him.  He had a lot to say about the inauguration, and I listened to him even though I could feel the grocery list burning a little hole in my pocket.  His need to communicate was more important, though, so I prepared to listen for as long as it took.  At the end of his sharing, I told him, “Look.  As long as you keep talking to me, I keep talking to you, we are all going to be okay.”  He seemed to understand what I was getting at, but it didn’t change the pained expression on his face, his head shaking.   We talked back and forth a little bit longer, then waved off and went our separate ways.

I’ve been thinking about that moment ever since.  I hope that all of us will keep talking to each other, we keep hearing each other, and uphold what is decent, right, and good for the good of us all.

More to follow.