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Be careful what you ask for in your summoning,

for you summon carelessly yearlong,

careful what you ask for in thinnest dark tonight.

You prepared carefully, lovingly for this night

Altar handmade and sincere, you sit and breathe

moonlight incense focused on flickering light.

Careful what you ask for in thinnest dark tonight,

ask not to see the dead, those who cannot recall their plight

those with brass buttons & purple ribbons dangling from

bones, those who carry the instrument of their death in weary hands

you didn’t mean to summon the dead, the words slipped out

and their unrest will visit you. One by one, everyone

you have forgotten about.

Be careful of your face while summoning, measure your heart’s beating

Is your brow placid as a dawn lake, your heart loose and light

Does a smile walk upon your lips, gateway for thinnest night?

Ask for spirits to come if they wish. Ask them what they need,

give them what they ask or crave

receive what they leave and let them go.

One night they will not appear because your love

set them free.

Shed the veil and set your own tears free.