Reflecting on the pearls of writing wisdom that flutter into my Inbox each day. Some are treasured keepers, some are real bricks through my window, many are read and appreciated but do not resonate, at least at the moment.

This morning I think about authors who want to encourage people to write, because they believe we aspiring writers do indeed have something to “say.”  I think I’m getting tired of reading about being brave, “use your voice, you have something to say.” No I don’t. Believe me, anything I have to say would probably be maudlin, tired, and left-swiped. Bring in the yawns.

There isn’t a thing I could tell you, something so important, useful, necessary, life-changing, that forces me out of bed each day, makes me run to this machine and make words on a screen. Nope.  But boy, have I got a story for you, and a poem to boot. When you read them you will not squint your eyes and scour them for the little details of me I sprinkled throughout the manuscript. Nope. You’ll be too busy wondering how Niko is going to get out of the crater I put him in after having his left arm chewed off.  (The details will be there and I will chuckle at my cleverness.)

Oh no, no reader would ever figure out the insomniac, caffeine-addicted heroine of my story and me inhabit the same skin. I have nothing to say… yet you may hear it anyway?